Monday, April 6, 2015

Inspiration on Monday: Painting

Trish at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity is hosting a new creative "link up" called Inspiration on Monday -
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In search of an idea for a topic to post, I began to ponder what inspires me, and the answer was obvious - not what , so much as who inspires me - my daughter, Amanda.  

I have completed one week of a four week art class taught be a local high school art instructor.  During her opening lesson, she discussed how many people label themselves as "not artsy" so they never try; but most of her students, when given the supplies, the guidance, and the freedom to experiment, find that they can create art.  

I was one of those people for many years.  I loved needlework, but I followed a pattern and detailed instructions.  I wasn't creative.  I didn't try many other crafts, and certainly never anything that required "artistic talent". When Amanda tried painting a few years ago, I was amazed at her talent.  Watching and encouraging her painting and other crafts inspired me!  She taught me that being "artistic" isn't always something you're born with - it can be learned and nurtured.  Most artistic people are simply those who have given themselves the freedom to create - without pretending or apologizing.  

Last August, she took me to a "Cork and Canvas" guided painting party, and I was hooked.

Since then I have branched into watercolors, and am even trying sketching in the art class I mentioned.  There is nothing more relaxing in this world than creating something just for myself.  It doesn't have to meet anyone else's approval or conform to anyone's idea of "art".  It just has to please me.   In fact, sometimes even I don't find the finished product all that pleasing, but the process always is.

To inspire you to stop labeling yourself and loose your inner artist, here are a few of my favorite creations:

For every painting that I like, there are a handful that go in the trash or get painted over, and a few more that are put in the "passable" file.  But regardless of the outcome, the process makes me smile.


  1. This is a great post Tami! I have been one of those to say to myself "you are not an artist". "You can't draw". It's happened twice in my life that I have said OMG how do they do that. Uncle Hugo and now you. Sister weekend however made me see that it really could be about developing the talent. It's exciting! Isn't it funny how we tell ourselves we could never do certain things. I still have a few on my list. I'm still unsure of my abilities but I'm more interested than ever in stepping out to try. Beautiful art work you have!!

  2. The snowmen look like Hallmark cards! How wonderful that you discovered your creative talent and are having so much fun.

  3. Absolutely love these Tami!!! And I love your message about people inspiring us--you're absolutely right. And sometimes we don't even realize what we have inside of us until someone gently encourages us. What a great experience with your daughter! I've been working on some quilting things with my mom over the past few months and it's so fun to see that creativity blossom in both of us! (Mind if I pin one of these images to the Inspiration on Monday board?)

  4. Oh my goodness! How could you possibly think you are not artistic? These are absolutely wonderful! I just want to cup those cute two little robins in my hands and kiss their fluffy heads. Your snowmen give Debbie Mumm a run for her money. Your elephant with the tear instantly evokes for me Mrs Jumbo, cradling her baby Dumbo within her trunk. Your scrollwork with its gentle swoops and swirls is so graceful and artsy. I love your color palettes. I just love all of these and enjoy seeing your inner artist emerge. This post is a real inspiration for me to let go and create. What talent you have! Thanks for sharing these. The sharing part with your daughter hits home, too. It is because of my daughter that I started to blog. Her name is Robin. Maybe that influences why I am so swooped up with your first painting... just a bit. ;•)

  5. How wonderful for you. I'm married to an artist and I can often feel so uncreative compared to him. I always tell him I'm crafty, but not artsy. He says my hold up is that when I say artsy I mean perfect. I have to let go of wanting everything perfect in order to create. Inspiring post!

  6. As long as the process makes you smile and gives you what you need, then it's a success. Also, turns out you are artistic!