Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Award and a Request

I hope you read my post last week about National Infertility Awareness Week and that you checked out the NIAW website and read a few of the amazing posts there, all written by women - and men - who are experiencing or have experienced infertility in some form.  I spent a lot of time on that site, and met some incredible people - one of them being the lovely blogger at We Say IVF - They Say FIV.  She graciously awarded me a Versatile Blogger award, which is for newly discovered blogs.

The award rules are to share 10 things about myself, and direct you to some other blogs I've discovered recently.  So here goes...

1.  It took over six years to conceive our first child.
2.  One summer I made over 1500 cookies. 
3.  I can't knit.
4.  However, I can tat lace - or at least I "usta-could".
5.  Dove chocolate saved my life during our recent move.
6.  I plant red geraniums every year because they remind me of my Grandma.
7.  I'm going to turn 50 later this month - probably.
8.  Favorite thing:  When both kids call and are happy - at the same time!
9.  I'm addicted to Marie Osmond's rendition of Pia Jesu (Who knew she had that amazing
     voice hiding under that "little bit country"?)
10. I've eaten two pounds of Farmer's Cheese since we moved back to Nebraska.  I've 
     never found it anywhere else. (Farmer's Cheese, crackers and grapes is the perfect 

As for passing the award along, I'm going to cheat just a bit.  Instead of listing 15 blogs I recommend, I'm asking you to go to the National Infertility Awareness Week page and read some of the stories there.  Even if you've never dealt with infertility, leave a comment on someone's blog just to tell them you care.


  1. I wrote a comment on this post yesterday and it never showed up. I replied on my phone so who knows what happens. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and also bringing up the NIAW site. I will definitely keep that site in my mind and will check it out. It amazes me how callous some people can be about infertility and child bearing. I have a friend who has an only child and always gets pressured from others to have another one. People are very rude about it telling her that she can't just have one child and what not. She always replies with such grace, but some of us know the truth is that she was lucky to have the one child she had because of her infertility issues. People who have never struggled with it have no idea how hard it can be or how personal it can be.

  2. Oh yes... I forgot. Can you send me some Farmer's Cheese? I have never had any and love cheese of all sorts! I will soon be checking in all the local stores to see if I can find some.