Friday, May 27, 2011

Is Anybody Out There?

Do you keep stats on your blog?  I've tried two different sites for tracking number of visitors, popular pages, etc.  I'm currently using StatCounter, which gives wonderful graphics and maps to show me who is looking at the blog.  The statistics site I used previously basically just told me total number of hits per day, but no detailed breakdown of who those viewers were.  

What I am discovering with this new influx of info is that, although the number of visitors per day is growing, the vast majority of them are from random - and sometimes hilarious - Google searches.  While it's nice to know that the subject variety of our blog is expanding so we are included in more search results, those hits are one-time visitors who either gathered the information they wanted and are never heard from again, or scratched their heads and wondered why in heck Google brought up THAT site. 

Since the first post in October of 2009, this blog has morphed from strictly book reviews,  book-related events, and a campaign to encourage reading together as a couple, to a stream-of-consciousness about my life, my frustrations, my celebrations and some books - it's my therapy.   In spite of that transformation (or because of it?), the number of returning visitors has shown very little growth.  Which brings me to my second question...

Do statistics matter?  Do you write for yourself or to gain an audience?  Do you have dreams of fame and a book deal?  Or do you just want to make a few new friends?  Ok, I know that was more than one question, but it all boils down to the same point.  If a blog publishes but no one is reading, does it still make a sound?


  1. Sis - I think you answered your own question. It is therapeutic for you. I love to read it - your posts are funny and entertaining. Since I know you I can relate to some of the posts in a special way. Also, I have learned things about you that I didn't know. So keep blogging!

  2. I have my stats through google, and am always amazed by which posts have the most hits, as well as the google search words that brought someone.

    To be they are just fun to track but nothing to lose sleep over LOL

  3. In the beginning I watched my stats a lot and worried incessantly about the number of comments I was getting. Now I do my thing, hardly ever check my stats, and just enjoy the opportunity to write. But it's so easy to begin to worry that no one is looking!

  4. I agree with Lisa. I blog for me and I'm happily surprised when people leave comments.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I go through phases of checking out my stats and then losing interest. I do like looking at the search terms though... it is hilarious to see what people were looking for and wondering how they got to my blog!! I do write for myself and I do want SOME feedback but I know I'm never going to be too big of a blog (nor would I want as I think you lose that "personal" touch you can have with a smaller/medium-sized blog.)

  6. The stats are fun, but this started out as my "online diary" and I always want to keep in mind that I'm writing to entertain myself.

    Oooh, those grapes look delicious!

  7. I peek in to Google Analytics every now and then - mostly to see which posts attract the most attention. But even armed with that information, I still write about the stuff that no one else ever seems interested in reading. Such is the life of a blogger.