Friday, May 13, 2011

Gabby's Post

Today, our new pup, Gabby, is guest posting.  This is the email she wrote to her friends at the Loess Hills Humane Society in Glenwood, Iowa, who rescued her from death row in a Kansas City pound.

Dear Friends:

Gabby and Molly play frisbee
I am at my new home and having lots of fun.  I have a mom, a dad and a Springer Spaniel friend named Molly.  I live on a farm now, so I have lots of room to run, and Mom and Dad play fetch with us a lot.  I even have my own frisbee.  I had a ball, but I ate it.  Mostly I just chase Molly while she chases the frisbee.  

Mom says that until I get better at my house training and "curb my enthusiasm" (whatever that means), I have to sleep on the enclosed porch.  But that's ok.  I have a nice soft bed and plenty of food and water out there.

The first night I was here, I ate mom's shoe.  She made a stern face at me, but she didn't  scold.  She just picked up everything on my porch and bought me some chew toys. 

The second day I was here, I found a pair of gardening gloves mom missed, so I ate one.  This time Mom turned kind of red and told me "No".  I heard her say something to Dad about "brand new", but I don't know what that was all about.

In the evenings, I get to go in the livingroom with the family and watch TV.  Dad likes to lay on the floor and cuddle up, but that gets boring, so I pretend he's a hurdle and I'm a famous track star.  I jump back and forth over him.  Sometimes this makes Dad look sad, so I stop and give him kisses.  That makes him laugh, and then he has to wash his glasses.

After TV time last night, Dad put me outside on my rope so I could cool down in the evening breeze and do my "duties" before bedtime.  But everyone else went back in the house.  I wanted to be where they were.  Fortunately, Mom and Dad leave my porch windows open so I can get a breeze, so I just went back inside that way.  That screen made it tough, but I'm big and strong, so I made it.  Oops!  Forgot I was on a rope, so I couldn't move far once I got inside.  When Mom came outside to let me in for the night, she couldn't find me.  I stuck my head back through the window to say "Here I am".   Mom looked stern again and said "no, no, no" a bunch of times.  Then she called me a "big, fat idiot".  But Dad stood up for me.  He said "She's not fat". 

Now the windows on my porch aren't open so wide, my rope got moved farther from the house, and Dad promised Mom he would get me a new screen, so everything's ok.  These people must really love me!

I miss you all, but I'm happy here.  I hope you all get "forever homes" soon.



  1. This was so sweet and touching. I just loved it. I think Gabby is very very lucky to find a "forever" home ... even though she seems like a giant goof!!