Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now That's What I Call Service!

I've been a Schwan's Food Service customer for years.  I like their ice cream and their bbq chicken wings and their shrimp and...and...and..   But this week, what I really like is the delivery dude.   Schwan's advertises that their delivery man is "Your Mealtime Hero".   But they have no idea.

Wednesday was my birthday, and my parents and sister came to visit.  We had a lovely lunch, gifts, birthday cake, reminiscing .... and no toilet paper.  Totally out...not a single square...nada!  Our visit time was limited so we hated to spend 30 minutes of it driving to town for toilet paper.  But three women in the house...we're gonna need t.p.  But wait - three women in the house means three purses.  We scrounged enough little packages of Kleenex to get us through the afternoon, then I called Dave and asked him to swipe a roll or two from the office and bring them home.  I would make a run to town the next day.  Problem solved.

About ten minutes later, the Schwan's truck pulled into the yard.  Totally forgot it was his scheduled day.  He greeted me with "Happy Birthday!  I hear it's your 50th birthday and you're in dire straights," and from under his yellow raincoat he produced two rolls of toilet paper, wrapped in a plastic bag to keep out the rain! What a surprise!  He had been making a sales call at the office where Dave works, and agreed to make a "special delivery" at the next stop on his route.  It was not only service with a smile, but service that had us all howling.  

Schwan's should put that in their ads!

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