Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Time to Play . . . Name That Bloom

It's me, the Flummoxed Florist, back with another round of What the Heck is Growing in My Yard?

Bloom #1 - For a $5 gift certificate to Fertilizers R Us, name this bloom...
If you guessed "lily" you are correct.  

Bloom #2 - For a rusty planter I found behind the chicken coop and all the hydrangea cuttings you can clip, name this bloom...
If you said "yucca", congratulations!  Bonus points if you wondered why anyone plants a weed (flowering or otherwise) in their yard.  Double bonus points if you recognized the ivy geranium in the hanging pot behind the yucca.

And now for the Big Money Round - playing for an all-expenses-paid trip to Green Acres to help clear cow manure out of what will hopefully become the dog pen, name this bloom...

No, seriously...what is that thing?  It's growing under my mailbox.  It's approximately three feet high and has both pink and purple varieties.  Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am no help with the flower id but its pretty...does that help?

  2. That last one is one of my all-time favourites! It's colourful, it's beautiful, it's delightful, it's a hollyhock!

    If I gave you my mailing address, could you send me some seeds? Seriously. I'd love to plant them in my garden. That is if it's not too much trouble.

    As for the other ones, I recognized the first one, a daylily, but not the others. They are all beautiful, though. It's great that your yard is already in bloom and just waiting for you to explore.

  3. I guessed the lily but none of the other ones. Fun photos!

  4. I recognize the daylily and the yucca. Nice photos.

  5. I was thinking hollyhock also - although I've never seen one in person - only in pictures. How awesome though to have all this prettiness springing up all over your yard.