Thursday, November 17, 2011

Virtual Book Tour and Give-Away: Katie's Way by Marta Perry

Hoping for a distraction after a personal heartbreak, new arrival Katie sets up shop on Pleasant Valley's Main Street, where Amish and Englisch intermingle.  It's not long before a quilting circle forms and women from both worlds are crafting together and sharing their secrets, turning the store into a lively spot for socializing . . . much to the consternation of the furniture craftsman next door.  Caleb Brand has kept to himself since he lost his betrothed under scandelous circumstances, and he could do without all the feminine chatter - and Katie Miller's carefree attitude.

When Katie becomes involved with her Englisch friends in promoting Pennsylvania Dutch Days, some in town appreciate the new business it brings.  But others are upset about the flood of outsiders it attracts.  Katie turns to Caleb for comfort, and despite his resistance, a fragile friendship forms.  Then, when acts of vandalism suddenly threaten Katie's shop, Caleb must decide whtether to stand by the young woman who has brough a spring thaw to his frozen heart, and Katie must question whether her cherished independence may deprive her of one more chance at love.

During my time purchasing books for the library, I bought a lot of Amish romances.  I knew that they were becoming more and more popular with romance and Christian fiction readers.  But I had never tried one myself, so I was curious when presented the opportunity to review Katie's Way, the fifth volume in the Pleasant Valley series by Marta Perry.

What I found was a new kind of heroine.  Katie is an independent business-woman, determined to build tourist traffic to her quilt shop and provide a stable home for her younger sister.  That in itself is not unusual, but when you add in the Amish lifestyle and traditions, it creates an interesting contrast.  And an interesting variation on the typical romance.

Katie's Way is, admittedly, a standard romance format - boy  meets girl, they circle, they are pulled together, they resist, until some outside event forces them together and they all live happily ever after.  And any romance-lover will tell you that no matter how many times you read that basic story, it will still hold your attention if done well.  Ms. Perry definitely does it well.  The characters were people I wanted to get to know.  The variety of ages - from teenager to widow - broadened the story, and the unanswered questions in Caleb's past and the vandalism episodes put an edge of mystery on the plot that kept me reading and rooting for Caleb and Katie. 

Thank you to Marta Perry for providing me a copy of Katie's Way and Tracee @ Review From Here for organizing this blog tour.

Give Away:  I am passing along my copy of Katie's Way.  Just leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.  A winner will be selected by random number drawing on Monday, Nov. 21st.

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