Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Think I can... I Think I Can...

Regular readers will know that I have sworn off of reading challenges.  I am just too disorganized to keep up with them, and I hate having rules for selecting my next read.  But Brianna at The Book Vixen is hosting a challenge that's right up my alley - The Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge.

Thus far in 2011, I have read 49 books - or at least that's the number entered in Goodreads.  I may have missed a few.  Calculating how many books I have started, plus the two months left in the year, I will probably finish at about 60.  Still, that number is low for me.  I finished 2010 with over 75 books.  I'm blaming the drop on moving.  I recorded only five books read in March, April and May - not five each - five TOTAL.  Again, it's possible with all the moving stuff that I missed something, but that's still a huge blank for me.  I've never been a big numbers person.  I've never set myself a goal for number of books read, but I'm wondering if perhaps I'm spending too much time reading blogs, watching TV and playing computer games (Engtanglement is SO addictive) and it's cutting into my reading time.  So the goal for 2012 is to find balance, because, as we've learned in prior lessons, balance is the key to everything in life.

In order to accomplish this, I am entering the Book Vixen's challenge at the top level which sets my goal at 16+ more books than this year.  That is a reachable goal that I hope will keep me focused on reading instead of less worthy pass-times.  If you need a little extra motivation to read, hop over to Brianna's blog and sign up.  


  1. I think it's natural to have fluctuations in the number of books you read. I am way down on paper reading, but up on audiobooks. It will balance out I'm sure, but I am trying not to sweat over it. The books will still be there later.
    I also try to stay away from challenges as I take them too seriously and then I worry about not doing well in them. i don't need more pressure.

  2. I didn't keep track well this year, but I think I finished my challenges already. I don't know if I'll do any next year. Just one too many things to think about. Good luck with yours!

  3. Sounds like a good challenge! I know it is so easy to get distracted from book reading with blogs, etc. When I'm not working overtime, I always try to read after dinner for at least an hour before I get onto the computer. I know I read more books than last year, but can't equate it with numbers since I haven't kept track of them.

    Good luck with the challenge!


  4. Oh no - it's reading challenges sign up time again? I've failed so miserably this year at the challenges I signed up for. I would like to read more, though, and this one would let me read anything so...

  5. Thanks for participating. Good luck and I hope you reach your goal!

    Happy reading :)