Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Pin It/Do It: Pin #16.5? - Quilt

This is my final pin for the Holiday Pin It/Do It Challenge, and I'm calling it Number 16.5 because it's only partially complete.  Technically, it's nearer to Number 16.17503, but close enough.  I found this picture on Pinterest ...
Unfortunately, I could not track down a link.  One pin gives credit to The Crafty Mummy, but I couldn't find it on her blog.  Other pins give no link at all, so my apologies to the quilter who created this lovely quilt. 

I loved the stained glass window effect and the relatively large size of the fabric pieces was perfect for showing off Christmas fabrics with large patterns.  I decided to use a white snowflake-patterned fabric for the bars in my "windows" to mimic frost-covered windows and continue the Christmas/winter theme. Also, I already had the fabric and was trying to purchase as little as possible for this project. In fact, the plan was to make a lap-size quilt using only the leftovers from my Christmas crafting.  However . . .
I didn't have anything in my stash suitable for the backing.  I fell in love with this whimsical flannel and, if the backing was black, black should be incorporated into the pieced side as well, right?  I mean for continuity and all.  Yeah, Dave didn't fall for that either, but fortunately he's very indulgent of my sewing/crafting addiction.  Here's what I ended up with:
And this is why I'm calling this Pin #16.5 - I only have two blocks complete, but you get the idea.  The gorgeous, newly-purchased black fabric with the red/gold print will be the bars between "window panes".  I'll post pictures of the final project as soon as it's done - hopefully early January

Thanks again to Trish of Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity for hosting another fun challenge.  I know she was toying with the idea of making Pin It/Do It a regular feature, so  I'm off to start pinning for the next one.


  1. This looks lovely. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. I am not a fan of black, although artistically I have read that it makes other colors pop. I really like your alternate choice of white for the pane dividers. Your fabric selections all make me smile. Although I love the jewel tones of turquoise pink and purple, their abundance in Christmas lately kind of dilutes the season. Your quilt block says Merry Christmas is a happy, cheerful, quirky yet traditional way. It showcases the larger scale prints. Again, it makes me smile just to look at it! Hope to see follow on posts.

  3. How's come you got all the crafty genes??? LOL! Love the quilt material and yes let's go shopping soon for my material!

  4. Looks like it's going to be lovely!

  5. You are seriously amazing Tami! Thanks for all of your participation in Pin it and Do it--you've had such success. And if it makes you feel better--I'm still working on the Christmas quilt that I started in 2011 (I can't even say "last year" anymore...wahhhhh!). This will look beautiful when it's finished!

    And hmmmm--I'm in need of 6.5" and 12.5" quilt blocks for my Christmas quilt. I should have tagged you on my twitter pleas to see if you'd like to contribute a block. Ha!! ;)