Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Pin It/Do It: Pin #9 - Cleaning With Vinegar

Pinterest is overflowing with tips on housekeeping and natural cleaners.  One of my resolutions for 2013 is to be more consistent in my housekeeping (see upcoming post) and to use natural products when possible.  The three household items that seem to be getting the most attention as cleansers are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and distilled white vinegar. I decided to start with the vinegar and found dozens of websites listing possible uses, from cleaning floors and counter tops to keeping fleas/tics of pets to deodorizing the fridge.  Here are a couple of my favorites, if you want to see for yourself:  Vinegar Tips or The Vinegar Institute .

But the main reason I chose to experiment with vinegar was this pin:

366 Days of Pinterest
Save the peels from oranges - or lemons/limes - and steep them in white vinegar for homemade orange cleaner.  You can store the fruit peels in a zip-lock bag in the freezer until you've collected enough.  Put peels in a mason jar, fill with white vinegar, cap and let sit for a week or two.  The vinegar leaches the essential oil from the orange rind, which helps mask the vinegar's aroma and, some say, ups the grease-cutting ability. 

When time is up, strain the liquid into a spray bottle, dilute half-and-half with water, and you're ready to clean house.  I haven't tried nearly all of the potential uses for this elixer, but I can vouch that it takes the grease off the stove vent hood and cleans stains from ancient linoleum.  The end of the hallway where the dogs' food and water bowls sit had become discolored.  I've scrubbed it repeatedly with various commercial cleansers - including bleach - and the stain may have faded, but it was still visible.  I poured undiluted vinegar onto the stains, let stand a couple minutes, then mopped the spots away.  Seriously amazed!  Of course, the vinegar odor is still present, but much less abrasive. I have a second jar of orange vinegar steeping on the counter (I eat a lot of oranges!) and am excited to see what else it can do - well, as excited as I can be about cleaning.


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  2. I love orange cleaner! Way to go green sister!

  3. That was interesting to read about the orange peels and vinegar and the cleaner it makes. I'm not cleaning house these days, but if I ever settle my strike (which I don't see happening soon) I'll have to try it!


  4. I've wondered if these cleaners really worked. Now I have it straight from the horses mouth. Not that I'm calling you a horse:) I have a drawer full of oranges too! Don't you just love Pinterest?

  5. I repinned this. I like that it is uses things that would otherwise be trash (the orange peels) and I like the idea of making my own cleanser. And the fact that it works makes me even more on board. I repinned this and will be trying it. THANKS!