Monday, January 28, 2013

She Said "Yes"!

Our son, Mitch, got down on one knee to ask his love, Mackenzie, to be his wife.  We are so excited that she said "yes".  Although we've suspected this would happen at some point, and never really doubted her answer, we were so excited to get the text while we were in Florida.   Probably more excited than the total strangers I forced to look at the picture and listen to me babble on.

As soon as wedding plans began flying (date is set for August 2014, but nothing wrong with some advance prep), I browsed through Mackenzie's Pinterest wedding board and came across a pin about the perfect proposal.  It required these six items: 
1) Ask for my parents blessing. 
2) Make it a complete surprise. 
3) Use my full name
4) Get down on one knee.
5) Have somebody catch it on camera.
6) Make sure my nails are done!
Although he denies ever seeing this pin, Mitch got all six correct.  (Pretty sure he lucked out on #6.  I'm sure he never considered her nails, but in the close-up shot of the ring, they are beautifully painted.)  It's possible that his formal proposal had something to do with how many times he's heard me tease his father about his "non-proposal" thirty-one years ago.  Whatever the reason, I'm so proud!

We were amazed that our introverted, non-public-speaking son chose to pop the question in front of a crowd.  As a high school project, Mackenzie, founded Heartland Heroes.  This is an awsome organization that is, naturally, very dear to her heart - so totally appropriate that the sponsors and volunteers of that group got to witness her surprise at their annual banquet.  

Congratulations Mitch and Mackenzie!  We love you!
You can find out more about Heartland Heroes on their website - but here's the basics:
The first Heartland Heroes hunt was created by Mackenzie Nix as her senior “Buff” project at Garden City High School.  She was inspired by her step-father, Tim Telinde’s desire to find a way to bring combat veterans to Western Kansas for a weekend of pheasant hunting. Through their combined efforts and the support of their community, they made the project a reality.  In December 2008, 22 soldiers and their families from Fort Riley Kansas took part in the inaugural Heartland Heroes Hunt. They were able to take wounded soldiers pheasant hunting for two days, and give their families fun and relaxing activities.
Participant’s lodging and meals were donated. Funds were donated to give each soldier numerous gifts as a token of appreciation. The families were also treated to a craft workshop by Home Depot, cookie decorating by the American Legion, and spouses were treated to free massages, manicures and shopping with donated gift cards. 
As the event grew in size and support, it became evident that an organization needed to be formalized to coordinate and expand.  Heartland Heroes, Inc. was formed in 2010 and is committed to continuing Mackenzie's vision. 


  1. That is super exciting and so sweet.

  2. I smiled at you showing "complete strangers" the photo....I'd do the same. Share the excitement. Congrats all round.

  3. Congrats!! How cute with what the perfect proposal would be in Mackenzie's eyes, but glad that Mitch honored them all! Lots of excitement I'm sure in the next year and a half with planning for it!


  4. Congratulations to Mitch and Mackenzie!

  5. Congrats again to Mitch and Mackenzie! I love the project she started!

  6. Oh wow … what exciting news! She sounds like a really special girl … you son is a smart man (as witnessed by getting all 6 right! )

  7. Congratulations! She sounds like a great girl, so your son must be too since he got her to say yes :)