Monday, January 14, 2013

You Say You Want an Evolution . . .

We are sisters — a sisterhood of farmgirls.  We’re country, we’re city, and every texture and stripe in between. It’s not at all about where we live, but how we live.* 
I recently subscribed to Mary Jane's Farm magazine, and through the magazine, discovered the Farmgirl Sisterhood.  
Farmgirls are multi-talented, resourceful, creative, strong, down-to-earth, and generous by nature. We enjoy creating things, whether it is in the kitchen, our studios, or the wood shop. We may not live in the country, but friendship, fun, community, and creativity bloom wherever we happen to be “planted.” In other words, farmgirls can do anything they set their minds to, sorta’ like the Little Red Hen in the famous children’s story. We enjoy the fun of getting together to create, to help others in our communities, or to share ideas. We believe in the power of the Farmgirl Sisterhood to change the world for the better!*
Along with the friendships and sharing, sisterhood members can earn merit badges.  Mary Janes says "Think Girl Scouts for grown-ups".  The badges cover a wide variety of talents and subjects - sewing, crafting, conservation, gardening, geneology . . .  The group embodies the "new focus" I keep talking about on here but haven't been able to put into words. 

2012 was my Revolution Year.  Revolution:  a sudden, complete or marked change in something.  After a year of focusing on changing my diet and exercise routine, I'm ready to move on.  But, the world is getting too fast, too complex, and to negative for me, so 2013 will be my Evolution Year.  Evolution: a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development.  I want to focus on simplicity, kindness, and creativity - the foundations of the Farmgirl Sisterhood.  I want those characteristics to become evident in my life and on my blog.  Hang around for 2013 and watch the Evolution - or join me.  Members or not - welcome, sisters!


Farmgirls are encouraged to display their earned badges on a jacket or bag.  I purchased a tote-bag through the Farmgirl store and - after a few customizations - here's the finished product.  The hexagon shown is the membership badge.  Future badges will be sewn on the reverse side.



  1. Kudos on your revolution! ! And I'll be keeping posted about your evolution as well. Love the thought of simple and kind added with creativity! Since I copied you and join the Mary Jane's I'm anxious to follow along and work on some badges too! Farmgirl ways - - - even in the city (small town)!

  2. Good luck, Tami! I briefly looked at that website and thought it was really cool. I'd love to join you, but I've got too many other projects in the works. I've bookmarked it, though, so maybe one day I'll join the sisterhood. ;) Looking forward to following your progress.

  3. Hi, Tami! I enjoyed your post today and am looking forward to reading more in the future. I am one of the newer sisters in the Mary Jane's Farm 'Hood' (Sister 4502-Cindy Hailey). I have all my 'starter stuff', even renewed an old jean jacket with vintage scraps and baubles...but I never seem to get around to letting THEM know what I'm up to with pics, etc. I do get to go on and chat every now and again...Maybe I'll see you there sometime. In the meantime, think I'll find out how to subscribe here. :)

  4. Tami,
    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I really think the last 10 or 20 are going to be the hardest. I am hopeful to achieve my goal, and I will try not to whine about it too much on my posts as I do it! Best of luck to you. Let's keep in touch and motivate each other.