Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where in the World . . .

Where in the World Are You Reading? is a monthly themed meme co-hosted by Trish, Kelly and Lisa.  The theme for January is "unusual reading places", in which participants share the out-of-the-ordinary places where they read.  So far, readers have confessed that they read in their cars, at the dog park, on the treadmill, in the laundry room, and in the office, among other quirky spots. 

I had two reading spots this month that were w-a-y outside my norm.
I read on an airplane - actually, four airplanes.  I'm not exactly a frequent flyer so, while I have read on an airplane before, it is certainly outside my "norm".
I read on the beach - a little bit.  I got a lot more read on the plane because, traveling on overcast days, the view wasn't nearly this distracting.  This is definitely a new favorite reading spot that will be repeated as frequently as possible.

Where in the world are YOU reading?


  1. so far this month i have also read on airplanes and airports. Spent a bunch of time reading while i was in Las Vegas. Reading in waiting rooms, but that is normal.

  2. cute meme!! I'm so boring; I read on the couch :)


  3. So jealous - of the beach, not the plane. I hate planes; the only way I can handle them is by sleeping. Can't even read.

  4. Oooooh, such a TOUGH LIFE TAMI! ;) LOL!!!

    My husband typically won't let me read on the plane as I'm apparently there for his entertainment. ALTHOUGH I have recently introduced him to audiobooks so probably is mostly solved. Thanks for joining us this month! Next month is cozy reading spot.

  5. I can't even comment properly I'm so jealous. (See: Wind Chill of -25 here today.)

  6. I hate to fly so a book has to be really good to distract me :) Ah, the beach. Waiting, impatiently for spring here. Lucky girl :)