Friday, January 25, 2013

The Picture Show . . .

You may find this hard to believe, but I have actually had some requests to see more of our vacation pictures.   I know!  Go figure.  The problem is that I was so overwhelmed by the ocean, that it's pretty much all I took pictures of.  So after minutes of trying to come up with some clever way to work 175 pictures of water into a clever post, I gave up.  Here's some pictures from Florida:

Did you notice the rainbow in that last shot?

It's difficult to read with this view distracting you.
And just to prove that I actually saw something other than the ocean,
here's us - surrounded by the beautiful flora of Florida.
                                    And these are dolphin fingers.  Yes, folks - we ate Flipper!

*Don't panic - I'm assuming the "Dolfin Fingers" were actually Dolfin Fish - also known as Mahi Mahi.   Delish!


  1. Beautiful photos, Tami. Those blues are gorgeous. I especially like the first 3.

    When it comes to eating, I can be picky yet adventureous. Recently, I tried goat (didn't like it), bbq eel (liked it), raw red snapper (loved it), but you will never, never, never get me to try dolphin. Nope. Never.

  2. They are awesome and I adore the ocean often taking a ton of pictures too!

  3. Enjoying your beautiful pictures Tami. I have been having lots of problems trying to upload photos to Blogger...are you experiencing the same difficulty?

  4. Really dolphin (I'm so gullible) or was it chicken tenders called dolphin wings??

    Great shots of the beach, etc! I'm sure you'll remember this trip for a very long time!


  5. I had some lovely things to say about oceans and how happy I am you enjoyed your trip. But sadly, I am now too distracted by the idea of you eating Flipper to think what those things were!

  6. You got some lovely photos there! It is easy to be overwhelmed by the ocean when you see if for the first time!