Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big Game Readathon: Mini Challenge #1

For this challenge, take a look at the books you plan on reading today.  Which do you predict will come out as the winner and why? 

This is a tough question!  There are only two books on my list at this point.  IF I finish one of them, I have shelves and shelves to pick  from, but no idea what's next.  So my Reading Super Bowl will be between Bliss and Lullaby.  Let's look at how they match up.

                                                 Bliss                                                 Lullaby
Main Characters:        4 young siblings                   Spenser and his client - a 14 yr. old girl  
Pages:                         146                                       310
Genre:                         Magical mystery (cozy)       Mystery - Private Investigator
Strength:                     Magic, comedy                    Familiar characters - unique dialogue style

While Bliss has the advantage of brevity and lightness of storyline, Ace Atkins is doing an excellent job of continuing Parker's clipped writing style, which makes those 310 pages fly by.  Lullaby has the advantage of a big-name author and familiar cast.  This is going to be a close match between two good reads, but I'm giving the slight advantage to Bliss, based on the quirky factor.  Gotta root for a book that's out of the ordinary.


  1. I added Bliss to my book shelf. This is so fun - this blogging world :)

  2. Love your book match up! Interesting to see which one won out in the end!