Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a . . .

No, I'm not dreaming of a White Christmas, though it is snowing here.  I'm dreaming of a green garden, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers.  My mother used to tell me "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" when I took a larger portion than I could eat.  When the seed catalogs arrive, my eyes are bigger than our garden.  So, we're making a bigger garden.  The idea is to move the vining crops - melons, squash and cucumbers -  across the fence, staking off a corner of the pasture where we can expand as far as we want/need, and let the rest spread out in the established spot.  
Dave does a little weeding, while Gabby and the girls look on (2012)
This is only our third year of gardening.  The first year was modestly successful, in that we actually got a few things to grow - not bad for beginners.  We learned some lessons and last summer was much more productive.  The second garden taught us additional lessons:  Rabbits will eat your entire pea crop unless you build a fence.  The pepper varieties we planted (twice) and that never showed so much as a sprout, are obviously not suitable for our climate/soil.  Okra grows profusely, but it's all still in the freezer because we only like it deep fried and we've given up most fried foods.  And 36 tomato plants is excessive for two people - one of whom doesn't care for tomatoes.       
We also have plans for other areas of the yard:
photos from
Raspberries will be planted along the pasture fence, Fragrant Cloud honeysuckle will adorn the trellis on the north end of the house, and a Nugget hops vine will make it's way up the side of the old chicken coop.  The hops is mostly for looks and curiosity, but Dave might even try a home brew.  

The flower beds will have the usual marigolds, petunias and geraniums, as well as some new wildflowers, a replanting of the hollyhocks killed by drought last year (thank heaven I saved some seed), and the most exciting new addition - Strawberry Blonde and Chianti sunflowers.
Images from Burpee. com
We buy most of our garden seed and bedding plants locally, so it remains to be seen if we lose control when we get there and try something new, but that's the plan for now.   What's in your garden dreams?


  1. You garden looks fantastic, and I love your lessons learned. I used to love gardening, but have no time or sunny space for it right now. I'm dreaming that someday I will correct that. Best of luck with your garden this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what you grow.

  2. Great post! So kewl that you and Dave garden together and I see NO problem with all those tomato vines because I am dying for some more purple heirloom tomatoes being delivered to my doorstep!!! Yum!!!!! I will even come after them!!

  3. It sounds like a beautiful dream! I'm looking forward to planting my potted garden in the yard but my big dream is to have a farm house and gardens like you have.....

  4. We are planning on putting in a vegetable garden this summer. We started preparing the spot last year by weeding and turning the soil 2-3 times. Previously there had been a flower garden in the spot, but years of neglect from the previous owner left it very weedy and then a major flood two years ago totally wiped it out.

    We haven't decided on what to plant yet, but possible crops include carrots, parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes and zuchinni. My husband used to help his parents with there garden, but I haven't had much experience. It should be fun.

    Last year we planted some rhubarb and some herbs in another spot in the yard, so even if our veggies fail, we hope to still have those.

    By the way, I planted some of the hollyhock seeds you sent, but I did it too late. They grew, but didn't bloom. I had lots of seed left, so this year I plan to start them indoors and plants the seedlings outside after the last frost. I'm hoping to have more luck!

    That's the plan anyway. If we flood this year, of course, all of those plans go out the window.

    Good luck with garden.

  5. My garden is languishing in my dreams. We're still in the middle of a drought. My crape myrtles haven't even bloomed in two years! Yours sounds wonderful, though!

  6. Oh boy, you two think big! I'm already planning on gardens, too, but on a much smaller scale. I'm thinking about composting this year - I always feel so guilty throwing away things I know should be composted but will never decompose in black garbage bags. Love the sunflowers!

  7. What a wonderful garden! I've had a few years of not-so-great gardens, but I have high hopes for this year. :)