Friday, February 1, 2013

Pin It/Do It: Terza Parte

Trish is at it again!  February brings another Pin It/Do It Challenge.  The name pretty much says it all - the goal of the challenge is to actually accomplish some of the things you've been pinning on Pinterest for "someday".  This will be the third time I've participated in Trish's challenge - thus the "terza parte" or "part three".  In October I completed 12 pins.  In December (the Holiday version) I completed 16.5.  (That ".5" was the Christmas quilt I posted about yesterday.  It's closer to ".8" now.)  My February goals are not as lofty.  Most of those previous pins were Christmas related and I had great motivation.  Last night as I looked through my Pinterest boards for likely projects, I just couldn't get interested in working on Christmas decorations or crafts as gifts.  I briefly considered declaring it Fuzzy February and testing only cocktail recipes, but that seemed slightly inappropriate - and detrimental to the weight-loss goal.  

I did find 2 practical pins:

  • Fabric covered blinds for the back porch - before the summer sun starts beating in.
  • A dog backpack - so Gabby can carry water bottles, etc. on hikes.

3 recipes:

  • Baked Zuchinni Strips
  • Grilled Cabbage
  • Beer Crockpot Chicken

2 craft/sewing projects:

  • One-seam pajama pants - made for a child, but cute enough for a woman
  • Card memory book - a way to store special cards I've received, using an old book cover.

1 summer yard/garden project:
  • Butterfly feeder

And a Georgia Peach
A girl's got to have SOME fun.
I'm not deluding myself into believing those will all get done, but it gives me a starting place.  And I'll get right on that . . . as soon as I finish this Georgia Peach.


  1. Love your choices!! Good luck with them all - Can't wait to take the dogs on a hike again!! Good idea for the water carrier!

  2. You are so inspirational, Tami!! I have lots of things saved that I'd like to do one day, but I don't seem to do them. I think Pinterest is really cool, but I never seem to get over there.

    I'm looking forward to following your projects. Maybe one day I actually start some of my own.

  3. Here is thought you were going to write about a tart!