Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Post About Nothing

When you have nothing to blog about, blog about nothing.

Like Mitch and Dave (Son and Hubs) repairing the yard and driveway that was torn up to run the new water line,

Or planting the garden.  (That made mama happy!)

Or going fishing.  What a beautiful, peaceful spot.

Or sons who make fun of mom's who don't catch a single fish.

Or the beautiful flowers my daughter gave me for Mother's Day - plus a few of my own lilacs.

Including vibrant pink daisies...

That slowly fade to white and tint the water pink. (I thought that shade was too good to be true.)

You could even post about this adorable "bird camper".  The way the wind blows here, it wasn't fairing well hanging from a tree or plant hanger, so Dave built this little stand for it and now it's "parked" in my flower box.

 Or attending a Luau Party

Or Larry, Mo and Curly...

These three cuties were at the concrete plant where Mitch works and needed a home. We volunteered to take them and hoped for them to be barn cats/mousers (with some supplemental food, of course). But the dogs are having none of it!

We put them in the old chicken coop for protection, and they venture out occasionally - but the dogs go beserk and chase them back in. The poor little guys can't live in a chicken coop until they're big enough to run from dogs, so they are going to live with a family on a farm down the road, where they will have children to play with and not have to live in fear of drooling monsters.

I'm not a cat person, but even I have to admit, they're cute little boogers.

At least, that's what I would blog about, if I had nothing to blog about.


  1. The kittens are so cute! Love your flowers and that camper is adorable. Also it looks like your going to have amazing garden.

  2. That's an awfully lot of something for a post about nothing! I often think there's nothing much going on here yet we're always busy.