Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Needlework Tuesday

Once again, it has been a week of little actual needlework at my house . . . in fact, none at all.  Kids were home on my days off, so other things took priority.  However, we did accomplish two needlework related projects.

1.  Design board and bulletin board.           

I recently moved my sewing/crafting area to the basement.  It's not nearly as nice looking as the spare bedroom where it had been, but much larger and more functional.  To help cover some of the bare concrete walls, Dave hung two ceiling tiles (free leftovers) on the wall using spray adhesive.  (And they may never come down - that stuff is sticky!)  I covered one in beige fleece to serve as a mini-"design wall".  Fabrics stick to the fleece so quilt blocks can be arranged and rearranged to find the best plan before stitching.  Or, as in this case, an embroidered square will stick there until I get around to sewing it into a quilt block.

I covered the second tile in fabric left over from the mini-ironing board I made last October as part of the Pin It/Do It Challenge.  It will serve as a place to pin patterns, notes, ideas and other important things I don't want to misplace.  And I even have enough fabric left to recover the seat of my sewing chair.  The fabric is just held on the tiles with straight pins, so it can be easily changed any time the spirit moves me.

2.  Prayer Flag Display Rod

Needed:  A way to hang prayer flags that won't fall down in the wind, yet can be taken down to add/remove flags without requiring power tools.  Voila!

Two curtain rod hangers - a full circle for the rod to go through with a small screw that keeps the rod from sliding back and forth; a 4' dowel rod; black spray paint.  That's all we needed to create this cute flag holder.  Now I just need to get to work on the next flag.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather @ Books and Quilts as a way to share what projects you've been working on this week.  Visit Heather to link up and to see what others are up to.


  1. I like the board for pinning up important bits. I used to have one, well, actually it was a bunch of leftover fabric thrown over the top of the door and pinned in place. Then I would pin scraps of ribbon and trims, buttons and the odd block I was working on. Over time it got very decorative and I could always find that special little bit that i had pinned there.

  2. I like your ceiling tile/design board/pattern/note boards. Great idea! I might have to "steal" it from you, although I think I'll skip the spray adhesive and think of another way to hang it.

    Good luck with your new sewing area. I hope you get lots done. ;)

  3. I really like the new sewing room and it will be a nice cool place for the summer - the wall boards are wonderful ideas - and your front porch looks so inviting - love the red white and blue theme. Nice job once again!