Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Pin It/Do It

May is nearly over and I haven't gotten as far as planned on my Pin It/Do It projects.  So far I've made Mason Jar Soap Dispensers, a 10-Minute Table Runner, and Lemon Fluff Freezer Cookies.  Then life got hectic, I worked some overtime, kids came home . . . and nothing got done for a few weeks.  Things have slowed down a bit and I managed to accomplish five easy pins this week.

 Fabulous Home Blog.

Pin #4 is a simple, but so cute, idea.  Wrap wire around the neck of a mason jar and hang from a hook next to the kitchen window for a place to display fresh flowers.  My window happens to have an unused curtain hanger, so I didn't even have to install a hook.  Add a few wildflowers and I have a lovely addition to my view as I wash dishes.

Dreadlock Girl
Pin #5 was a fun paper craft.  I have no clue what they're good for except to be cute, but they're fun to make.  The original pin was made from a book page, which is part of what attracted me, but the pages in my old-book stash were too brittle, so I tried again from scrapbook paper.  I then made a smaller one from Christmas scrapbook paper to give in a Christmas ornament swap.  Dave made the little hangers to add a some more "cute" value.

Pin #6:  Pocket Prayer Quilts - You may have seen the full-size prayer quilts I've been working on.  I love them, but they are not always convenient in terms of time needed to make them and their portability.  When I was searching Pinterest for pattern ideas, I found these "Pocket Prayer Quilts".  They are a quick project that still has meaning.  There are multiple pins of this idea, but my favorite is this mini-9-patch idea.  There are no instructions with this pin - just the picture - so I made my 9-patch from 1 1/2" squares, so that it finishes as a 3" square.  I plan to make up several of these and keep on hand to tuck into a sympathy card or hand to a friend experiencing a tough time.

Each mini-quilt has a metal cross sewn inside (purchased at my local Christian book store for 50 cents each), and comes with a card with the following instructions:
 This pocket prayer quilt was made especially for you to slip in your pocket or purse.  Throughout the day, when your fingers touch the cross tucked inside, be mindful of God's grace for you.  Keep it as a tangible symbol of God's peace.

 Pins 7 and 8 are recipes - Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Parmesan Bread Crumbs, and Garlic Chicken

Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice                                     
The asparagus was delicious - low cal, low fat, yet crispy and flavorful.  The chicken wasn't as impressive.  Although the original pinner said "This is freaking amazing", I didn't see much special about it.  I'm not a garlic fan so I cut down on the garlic and added Mrs. Dash chicken spice blend.  It was good, tasty even, but not "freaking amazing".

I have four pins left on my "to do" list for this challenge, but only one more day off work before the end of the month.  I better kick it in gear!


  1. Nice pins! The little dresses and hangers will make great tree ornaments...even the pink one. Love the miniature quilts, too.

  2. That's the thing about Pinterest. Everything is "freaking amazing" - except not EVERYTHING can be freaking amazing. ;) It does look pretty delicious in the picture, though... might have to try the asparagus, though. Scott isn't a big fan but I bet I could get him to eat it this way. And LOVE the flower jar idea! I'm redoing my laundry room (in my head) and think that would be a really cute idea...even if not for fresh flowers.