Monday, May 6, 2013

Pin It/Do It: 10 Minute Table Runner

During a fun sewing day a couple weeks ago, my friend, Jennifer, showed me how to make this quick and easy - yet adorable - table runner.  When I got home and ready to give it a try, I wanted to verify that I remembered Jenn's instructions correctly, so I checked Pinterest and found this pin with clear instructions:

From Amy @ Not Always With Thread
My first table runner was to be a gift so I chose a beautiful Americana print - cause who doesn't like Americana?  A half-yard of each fabric made two runners so I got to keep one.  Funny how that worked out. *wink wink*

I can't say I got a runner made in ten minutes, but it was certainly under 30.  I added top-stitching around the triangular sections on the ends to make them lay flatter.   This is a simple technique that could be adapted to make various sizes and is a great pattern to have at the ready when you need a last-minute gift.


  1. The table runner is so cool - I love Americana! The button tops it off - as does the red birds!!

  2. So pretty, Tami! Being a non-American, I don't "do" red, white and blue that often, but I can see it being nice in lots of different colours.