Sunday, July 7, 2013

Count Your Blessings . . .

Just some of the many reasons I love Green Acres in the summer:

Brave little Honeysuckle - trying to bloom even though it's too short to reach the trellis yet.
Variegated petunias
Wave Petunias - package said red, half bloomed purple
The hollyhocks are back after last summer's drought.

Best of all, the perennials shown, plus Peonies, Columbine, Surprise Lilies and a half-dozen lilac bushes were planted by the previous owner.  Each year we're a little closer to restoring her beautiful gardens.  I still want to uncover the brick pathways connecting the flower beds - now overgrown with grass.  Pinterest suggests vinegar to kill the grass between the bricks, but I haven't tried it yet.  Any other ideas for killing grass ONLY on the walkways?  Ideas other than me and a shovel?  Tried that one last year and gave up after about 3 feet.  All help appreciated.


  1. Nice garden, Tami. The hollyhocks are lovely. Mine are *huge*, but haven't bloomed yet. I had been spraying them with a product to keep deer away, but apparently it didn't work well and they ate part of two plants. I ended up fencing the plants in. It doesn't look great, but at least they will survive. I planted a few more seeds this year.

    I've tried a vinegar/salt/soap solution on a few weeds and it looked like it might work given some time. Don't think it worked as well as Round-Up, though.

  2. I read somewhere (maybe Pinterest as well?) that baking soda liberally sprinkled where you don't want plants to grow will kill unwanted grasses. I'm wanting to try it along the front of one of my flower beds.

  3. Clay says Round-Up which I'm sure you both know - What beautiful surroundings!!

  4. Our little acre and a half of land is also called Green Acres. We sit on the top of a hill surrounded by farm land. Your place is gorgeous! I love all your beautiful flowers :) I know rock salt will kill a bush (found that out by accident) so maybe if you concentrate it on the walkway it will work and not kill too much grass.