Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peas, Beans and Corn by Jennifer Wixson

Reading "Peas, Beans and Corn" is like "coming home to a place I've never been before."  The second installment of Jennifer Wixson's Sovereign Series brings back characters that are familiar and comfortable.  Her blend of history and romance creates an inviting story that makes you want to pull up a chair and listen awhile.  Devoid of today's artificial drama and narcissism, the Sovereign Series is a glimpse of old-fashioned graciousness, morality and charm."

This blurb is probably the best summation of a book I've ever read!  But that opinion may be a bit skewed since I wrote that blurb.  Yes, I'm famous!  Along with that tiny paragraph - found inside the back cover of Peas, Beans and Corn - I am mentioned in the acknowledgements of Jennifer Wixson's latest novel.  So clearly, it's all about me.

Well, ok, maybe Jennifer should get some (all) of the credit, since she wrote this lovely romantic tale.  This is the second of four planned books in the series (Hens and Chickens was published summer 2012.)  As I re-read my review of that book I noticed that the words I chose - honor, respect, simplicity and, most of all, charming - apply to the second installment just as well.

I frequently bemoan the lack of those values in movies, television and life-in-general.  Especially with the current turmoil in the world, The Sovereign Series is welcome chance to slip into a world where people care about their neighbors, promises are kept and the past matters. 

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