Monday, July 8, 2013

Safety Pin Bracelet

Even though there's not a Pin It/Do It Challenge this month, I finally got around to trying a craft idea I found on Pinterest ages ago - a Safety Pin Bracelet.  The link on the pin is no longer good, but the picture instructions are self-explanatory.

I made my version in alternating rows of silver beads and blue/green/purple metallic beads.  I filled all the pins during one evening in front of the TV.  Threading and tying the elastic cord was a bit challenging.  With a nod to Demi Moore in A Few Good Men, I strenuously recommend a large needle for that job!

This is inexpensive craft.  I barely made a dent in the two tubes of beads, which cost approximately $2 each. I can't even guess the number of bracelets you could make from them.  The elastic cord and safety pins were also under $2 each.  It took 85 safety pins to fit my wrist, which is large, so adjust accordingly.  Here is my finished bracelet:


  1. I'd love one!! Thank you!! Very pretty too.


  2. Tami, this is perfect to do with my granddaughter! Thanks. Yours is lovely by the way.