Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Needlework Tuesday: Better Late Than Never

This weeks excuses for not getting much sewing done include a visiting father-in-law and moving from part-time to full-time at work.  In spite of those obstacles, I did manage to get two small things accomplished.

I made a trial block for the full-size quilt I'm contemplating - my first.  If you look closely - and please don't - there are some measuring and cutting issues relating to my math/fraction challenges and getting in a hurry.  It's a bit catty-wampus in places but, from a distance, I can still get the idea of how the colors work, and I'm happier with the combination that I expected.  I have enough fabric left to make a second attempt with more attention to the instructions and details.  I'll report back on how that goes and then I'll face the decision of 1.  Do I want to commit to a queen-sized quilt with the increased work commitment?  and 2.  If yes, do I want to adjust the pattern measurements a "smidge" to make those 9-patches just a hair less challenging?  I'm not sure I'm prepared for 1" squares, even using the strip-sewing method.  Maybe I just want to focus on simpler things like these place mats:

At least they will be place mats - as soon as I add some batting and backing . . . and quilting.  I have four tops put together and I hope to have them usable by supper-time on the 4th.  I'm not specifying what month.

Excuse #3 for my lack of sewing is a new obcession . . . uh . . hobby.  Zentangles!  Come back in a day or two and I'll show you what I've been up to.

Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather at Books & Quilts.


  1. Well, you did more than me! I really like the colours in your test block. Your place mats are nice, too. I hope you get them done in time to use them this week.

    I can't wait to see your Zentangles. I really like doing them, too, but haven't had too much time to focus on them.

  2. Love your projects!! I got a quilt top done - now need to tackle the backing - my outdoors obsessions keep getting in my way of sewing and reading - - - but next week! The quilt block is gorgeous - looks and sounds very tricky - and I love the placemats!! Good job!

  3. Unique place mats...great job!

  4. Those are great placemats. I hope you got them finished or are in the process of finishing. I wish I were nearby so we could get together and sew. oh yes, I want to see your Zentangles.