Monday, May 12, 2014

Tangled Thursday Challenge

It's my turn to select a challenge for Tangled Thursday participants and I've selected something a little outside the box.  Mitch and Amanda will both be graduating from college this weekend.  Over the last couple months, we have been fielding questions about job searches, grad school applications, moving . . . 

At the same time, Dave and I are facing a new phase of life - true "empty nesters".  Our children will all be grown, educated, self-sufficient adults -- well, mostly -- and our focus can shift a bit.

All these new beginnings wormed their way into my thoughts on Zentangles.  I wanted to pick a "graduation" theme of some sort, so I went online looking for ideas.  I found this drawing on Pinterest and knew it was my inspiration -- and now it's yours.  

One of my favorite TV shows is Project Runway.  Frequently they give the clothing designers a place or an object to be their inspiration.  Some designers take this very literally and some make such wild connections that I sometimes can't follow.  But that's what inspiration is all about.  So - the challenge is to draw one (or more) Zentangles -- any size, shape and media that you desire -- that is inspired by this drawing.  What form that takes is up to you.  The point is not to copy the drawing, but to let it bounce around in your head until up pops your unique interpretation.

Because I will be traveling this week for graduation ceremonies, this challenge is to be posted on Thursday, May 22.    Your Zentangle journey starts now.  Have fun!

Pinay New Yorker - on Flickr

Tangled Thursdays are a series of challenges hosted by Heather at Books & Quilts.  Participants take turns inventing the challenge, then share their results.  If you love to Zentangle, or want to learn, or just want to see what everyone comes up with, visit Heather and link up.  Newcomers are always welcome and there is no judging.  Just creativity and fun.


  1. this is going to be interesting. i also have my youngest getting ready for university in September. hmm, will have to ponder a bit

  2. Can't wait to see the results!

  3. What a fun idea! Congratulations to your graduates!