Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tangled Thursday: Graduation

Graduation . . . fresh starts . . . new beginnings . .  This is where my head has been for weeks, if not months.  With two children graduating from college, I've been planning meals and cakes and gifts; and worrying about jobs and houses and future plans.  Naturally, this week's theme for Tangled Thursday involved them all

The Journey Begins Today Challenge - Create a tangle inspred by this drawing:

Our family is setting out in many directions so the ideas of the road and a journey appealed to me.  Here is my interpretation - 

The diverging paths is a pretty obvious reference and the herringbone pattern was inspired by the Yellow Brick Road - a nod to our family's Kansas roots - as was the tangle in the lower right, which reminded me of a waving wheat field.  The tangle in the center triangle made me think of graduation tassels.  On the left is a reference to the prayer quilts I made them.  The others are just pretty.  

To see how others were inspired, visit our hostess, Heather at Books and Quilts.

In other tangling news, Amanda helped Mitch decorate his new home, and she wanted to include one of my drawings.  Most of what I had on hand involved flowers and other frills that didn't match his bachelor pad, so I created a tangle just for him.  This is the Fort Hays State Tiger - mascot of Mitch's Alma Mater.

I traced and simplified the image into an outline for tangling.

I added "masculine" tangles - no curly-ques or flowers - and a woven background.  

Woven into the drawing are the university initials, Mitch's initials, and the date of graduation.  Mitch was much happier to have this hanging on his living room wall.


  1. We were definitely on the same wave length when looking at your inspiration image. I immediately identified your 'yellow brick road'. The school mascot for your son in wonderful. All those details worked into the drawing, i wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out. Ok, I would have eventually.

    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.

  2. Love the zentangles! Especially how you tied all of your family together with the first zentangle. I was reminded of this quote "All roads lead home" So for me - the bottom of the picture is HOME with all three kids' paths shown going a different way - - - but they can aways turn around and come back home.