Monday, September 19, 2011

Country Roads, Take Me Home . . .

And that's just what happened for Miss Three, our foster-puppy.  A young couple passing by our house on Saturday spotted all three dogs out near the road (where they weren't supposed to be) and turned in the drive.  "Did this dog just show up at your house?"  When we said that yes, she had shown up about a month ago, he said "This is my dad's dog.  We've been looking all over and had pretty much given up."

Turns out Miss Three started only a mile or so south and west of our house.  The owners had been driving the country roads in hopes of finding her, but our house is blocked from the road by a row of trees.  Even though she was outside the entire time she was here (except for a couple rainy nights), unless she was standing near the road when they passed, they couldn't have seen her.   On the flip side, being new to the area, we didn't even know this homestead existed so we missed it in our canvassing of neighbors, and they hadn't seen our posters or newspaper ad.  A comedy of errors.

But all's well that ends well - Three, known to her owners as Oakley, has returned to her proper home. Gabby will miss her wrestling partner, but we can once again string a hose across the yard or leave lawn chairs on the porch without fearing the puppy chewing stageOnce we fill in the multitude of holes in the yard, we'll hardly know she was here.  

Happy Trails, Three!


  1. I bet they were so happy to find her. Too bad they missed the flyers and the paper. I am sure she will miss your house.

  2. Oh, I love a happy ending! And, since Oakley is your neighbor maybe she can still come over for playdates with her pals!

  3. This is great news! Oakley got to go on a doggie adventure and now she's going home. Glad it all worked out.