Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Foster Parenting

We have a new arrival at Green Acres.  A beautiful, 9-month-old Chocolate Lab/Mix pup that was either abandoned or who went wandering and got lost.  She showed up on our doorstep - skinny and tired and scared - a couple weeks ago.  We contacted the Richardson County Humane Society, but their facility is full, as is the local pound.  The Director is even harboring five of the "overflow" dogs at her home, causing her husband to take frequent fishing trips.   So, until they are able to find a permanent home, we have agreed to be puppy foster parents.

The Humane Society has placed posters with her picture and description around town, as well as in the newspaper, but so far no takers.  We were hopeful that she had a previous owner who was looking for her, but as time passes, that seems less and less likely.  In the mean time, we are trying not to become attached, and to that end have taken to calling her "Three" (as in dog #3).  She and Gabby (our recent, rescued addition) have become fast friends - running, tumbling, chewing, and wrestling.  Molly, our Springer Spaniel, adheres steadfastly to her "ignore them and maybe they'll go away" policy.   I know what you're thinking, but "No . . . No No . . .No No No".* Being out-numbered by our dogs doesn't seem like a convenient or affordable plan.  We're supposed to be "free as a bird" empty-nesters, remember?

So, we are pleading for a good home for Miss Three.  Obviously, we don't know her lineage, but she has the beautiful chocolate coloring, face, and eyes of a Lab, in a smaller package.
  Her size would make her an ideal house-dog. (She is currently 45 lbs. and about knee-high, but still very thin from her travels and not quite full-grown.)  She is an outdoor dog at our place, so we haven't had an opportunity to evaluate her house-training, but the vet said she did well in the kennel there.  Even though she has been provided a dog house with a soft pillow, she prefers to sleep curled into a lawn chair on the front porch.  I have checked at various times during the night and she's always right there.  While she will bark occasionally if a varmint or vehicle ventures too near the house, she is a very quiet girl who avoids random barking and so would do well in town.

During the day, she has the run of the place while we're at work and the other two are contained in the house.  She does wander a short distance, like down to take a dip in the pond in the cow pasture, but she always responds to the first whistle or sound of an approaching vehicle and is waiting enthusiastically when we drive in.  She's not about to wander away from a good thing again!

She is incredibly gentle and loving with us and with other dogs - never a nip or growl - so we think she would do well with children.  She still has all her puppy playfulness and, yes, that means she has broken a flower pot and shortened our garden hose by about five feet, but she's learning.  

Three is current on her shots, thanks to the Humane Society, and is on heart worm and flea/tick prevention.  If you have a loving home for Miss Three, please contact us in the comments here or by email at dterwin@sentco.net  We would be glad to send you more pictures, information or even videos.  We live in the southeast corner of Nebraska and are willing to deliver her or meet you within a reasonable distance to ensure she gets a good home.

*West Wing Quote


  1. How strange that nobody comes forward to claim her - unless she was really abandoned. What a shame!
    One of my colleagues has a lab and she brings him to work, they are lovely dogs!

  2. She is so pretty. I hope you find a nice home for her.

  3. What a little cutie. I hope she finds a loving home --maybe yours...LOL

  4. What a sweet baby! With her being so tired and skinny when she found you, I wonder if maybe she's come from a distance?? I hear all kinds of stories about animals that travel miles to get to where they need to be. I had one of my cats stolen and was missing for months, but he finally found his way home - dirty and skinny - but he kept looking until he found us.