Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Very Own Little House on the Prairie

Stranded on the prairie . . .denied the most basic modern comforts . . . forced to rely only on our wits and good ol' midwest know-how . . .

Ok, we didn't have internet service for a couple of days, but it felt much more tragic than it sounds.  It's amazing how much you rely on the cyberworld for the necessities like weather reports, sports schedules and ... and... Lottso!  Not to mention blogging.  But we are now the proud owners of a brand, spanking new modem and have returned to normal - but normal is relative.  Although, few of our relatives are normal, but that's another post. 

My point is, Oblio*, that I apologize that I haven't visited all your blogs or written anything pithy or prepossessing.  Obviously, I did have plenty of available time for reading the Thesaurus (the paper version . . . by the light of an oil lantern . . . while fighting off bears with only the paddle of my butter churn . . . or not.)  

Seriously, I spent a large portion of the internet-less weekend reading The Wilder Life: Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie by Wendy McClure, which may have contributed to what I now call our Wilderness Weekend.  I'll give you the full scoop soon, but if you were a Laura lover, a Mary minion, a Pa protege or just an alliterative abberation like me, you should add it to your reading list.   

*Bonus points if you know the origin of the character "Oblio".  Hint:  He had a point.  In the past very few of you have taken advantage of my bonus point questions and are missing out on a fabulous array of prizes.  And remember, once you buy a prize, it's yours to keep.**

**More bonus points if you can remember that game-show phrase.

P.S.  I forgot to congratulate Susan a while back when she correctly identified Alice's Restaurant as the answer to one of my questions - although now I've forgotten the question.  So, congratulations Susan!  We will be mailing you a lovely catalog of fine gifts from which you may select your prize.  (Just pay separate shipping and handling.)

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