Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to Reality . . .

The season of reality shows (at least the ones I watch) has come to an end.  I am thrilled that Donald Driver took the Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball trophy.  The three finalists were three of the best to ever be on the show.  Donald's freestyle, country dance is probably what pushed him to the front of the line.  It was amazing!

Season 15 will be an All-Stars rematch, which sounds like great fun.  Although a few of the slots are already filled (click here for details), I've concocted my own Dream Season Top 10.  I want to see:

  1. Donny Osmond 
  2. Joey Fatone
  3. Hines Ward
  4. Emmitt Smith
  5. Apolo Anton Ohno
  6. Helio Castroneves
  7. Kelly Osborne
  8. Erin Andrews
  9. Kelly Monaco 
  10. Drew Lachey
Who would you like to see return?

American Idol:  I didn't watch this week - not out of spite because my favorite was eliminated last week (although I was disappointed) but in frustration over AI's messed up voting/judging process.  I hope every year that the producers will wise up and limit votes-per-person as they do on DWTS.  Hopefully this would eliminate the mass voting by computer and the websites like this one that encourage people to vote for the worst.  By the way - the "Vote For The Worst" pack is rooting for Phillip.  Just saying...

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  1. That is interesting about vote for the worse. I have to agree with you; one vote per person. I was trying to figure out how many votes we could generate in our household between voting through FB, texting, calling in, etc. It was mind boggling. As it was, I caught the spoiler of who won before it aired; I'm not surprised. I'm with you, Josh should have taken it and not gotten eliminated last week!