Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend in Pictures . . .

A picture's worth a thousand words, or so they say, so this is a 7000+ word post.  We had a wonderful weekend with the college kids home. Mitch and his girlfriend, Mackenzie, came Friday night.  Amanda came up Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon we went here:

Yup, we're up for parents of the year!
This is Amanda and Dave enjoying the Beerfest.

This is Dave and I, also enjoying the beerfest.  Unfortunately the wind has more of a negative affect on my hair-do than Amanda's.  

Afterwards, we had S'mores and conversation around the fire.

Amanda headed back to Manhattan and work on Sunday morning.  That afternoon, the rest of us went fishing.  Normally, I don't do ponds because they involve mud, sweat, heat, bugs and other creepy things I'm not fond of.  But the man who owns this pond, and generously allows us to fish, has a cabin near-by so he keeps the area mowed.  There is no "beach" area, so you can take your lawn chair right to the edge without getting muddy.  It was a cool day so there was no sweating and the bugs stayed away.  Dave even rowed me around the pond while I fished.  Beautiful, peaceful and almost romantic - if, like me, you swoon over a man who will take the fish and moss off your hook for you.

At some point in the evening, a golden retriever named Brodee (from his tag) showed up out of nowhere to take a cooling swim. Assume he belongs on a nearby farm.  I've seen dogs swim to retrieve, but I've never seen a dog swim just for the joy of swimming.  It was adorable!  He made several laps across the pond.

Then got out to dry off.

We hung out till Sundown - the best time for fish catching, I hear.  Yes, that little spot behind the boat is Brodee.  He really wanted to ride in the boat.  Don't worry, he gave up and paddled back safely.

When we finally loaded up to go home. it was dark and the pick-up had a flat tire.  While Mackenzie and I cowered inside like a couple of cold, shivering wimps, Dave and Mitch changed the tire by the light of a cell-phone flashlight app.  Hooray for technology!  

Monday we had a lunch of freshly-caught fish and the kids headed back to college. 
Wonderful weekend!


  1. It does sound like a great weekend! so cute about the dog!


  2. What a fun time you had. The lake looks gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Very nice photos!

  4. Sounds like a nice mix and a good and somewhat exciting weekend at points.

  5. If we hadn't had such a crazy weekend, we would have gone to the Beerfest as well - with our kid. I think it's great fun that we can do grown up things with our grown up kids!

  6. There is nothing like family bonding at a beer fest ;0)

    I love that dog's love of pleasure. Maybe they aren't as dumb as the rap they get, eh?

    Thanks for sharing your photos - I love meeting the beautiful people behind their blogs.