Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Into the Wild Blue Yonder . . .

Oops!  Wrong branch of the armed forces, but it seems so much more fitting than Anchors Aweigh when you know our future son-in-law does THIS for a living:
 As a member of the Navy Leapfrogs Parachute Team, he's on the road over 250 days/year jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.  Should that concern us?

Actually, not at all.  Saturday, we attended the Sight and Sound Air Show in St. Joseph, Missouri - partially to see the cool stunt planes and the jet truck, but mostly to meet Tom, who will be marrying our oldest, Amy.  (Date/location to be determined.)  Amy and Tom met when he parachuted into the Albuquerque Balloon Festival last fall.  Talk about manna from heaven!  

We got to see Tom jump twice and a lot of other cool things, then took him out for a nice supper and "grilling" session (the "What are your intentions?" kind of grilling, not backyard cooking.)  We think she made a great "catch".


  1. What a man! Brave and picturesque too!!! So glad you parental units approve of your daughter's choice.

  2. My ex-husband was in the Navy, but he didn't jump out of planes! I was a navy wife for 15 years. Congratulations to your daughter on her engagement!

  3. Congrats to your daughter and her fiance! How exciting! He does seem like a great catch! I truly admire anyone who parachutes like this, and especially one that does it so often!! wishing them many happy years together!


  4. Yikes!! I cannot imagine doing this as my job!

  5. Wow, that must be a thrill for him!