Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It Does a Body Good . . .

This is Kylee, an American Mastiff puppy with a new lease on life.  She was adopted by a family who was aware of her heart murmer and the probability that her life would be shorter than average. Unfortunately, Kylee's condition deteriorated more rapidly than expected and the surgery to correct the faulty valve cost $2600 - a price they were not prepared to pay on such short notice.  But Kylee didn't have time to wait while they saved the money.  So, they turned to other dog owners.  

Dave found Kylee's story through the American Mastiff Family Forum site and chipped in a few dollars, as did many other Mastiff fans.  Here's a portion of the thank-you email we received:

We were able to raise $2390 toward her surgery. This was no small feat and we couldn't have done it so quickly without the help that you all so graciously gave. Purdue required that we pay half the surgery fee ($1300) in advance and we were able to cover the other $1300 + change when we picked her up.  It was such a relief to be able to cover 100% of these expenses.  Do you guys realize what you have done???  YOU HAVE SAVED KYLEE!!  We'd have scraped every penny to make it happen, but don't know if we'd have made it in time. Please do not think we take this lightly! Kylee is our baby and it was devastating to know she needed this to live, and that we could not provide it in the time frame she needed.
Kylee came through surgery just fine and is now active and growing (and growing....and growing...).  Look at that face!  Can you think of a better investment for what basically amounted to spare change?  There are uncountable opportunities to make a difference with just a minor effort.  And it did OUR hearts as much good as it did Kylee's.

Here's a few other opportunities where you can help by just giving a week's spare change, or the cost of a latte at Starbucks:

Dove's Nest Rescue Mission
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Nebraska Children's Home
Your local Humane Society


  1. She is so cute!! There is a lady in the blogging world that absolutely loves corgis (has two of them herself). She hears about corgis that need services like this, finds out from the vets how much the treatments will cost and sets up fund raising for them. Each and every campaign she has asked money for has been funded 100%, a few dollars here, a few dollars there. She even set up a nonprofit organization for it so people who donate can then write it off their taxes.It is amazing the support of people like this online; so glad you helped with the recovery/treatment of Kylee!


  2. Now that I have a dog, I can see how people want to go the distance for their fur family members. And you're so right ... if everyone pitches in just a little, together we can do great things. Yay for Kylee!