Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six Word Saturday: Party Till The Cows Come Home...

This is Dave hoeing the garden.  When he started, the cows were all on the hill in the background.  As soon as one of them spotted him, they all ambled up to chat.

This is Gabby, chatting with the cows. They are best buds. (Pardon my poor mowing job along the fence there.  I'm not big on the "details" of yard work.)

This is Gabby getting "up close and personal" with one of her cow buds.

This is Dave taking a break.  He tells the cows jokes.  They don't think he's any funnier than the rest of us do.  I've never heard a single cow chuckle.

That's all.  No point, really.  Just thought it was cute.

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  1. What a cute post! Too funny with the cows coming around to check on your husband and spend time with him. I don't know much about cows, I'm guessing they could be a bit social? Looks like you got a lot of land there!!

    have a great weekend!


  2. I did stand-up for a buncha cows once. They moo'd. At least I thought it was mooing.
    They're a tough crowd, those ladies.

  3. Cute post indeed. I love cows. That they come to check on him must mean he's nice to them (even if the jokes don't quite make it). Thanks for sharing!

  4. The pictures are so cute. Sweet cows! I want to live on a farm :)

  5. This is completely irrelevant but I love your background. I could live with that kitchen.

  6. Lovely pictures. They tell a story, all on their own.

  7. I grew up next to a farm with cows on it. I kinda miss them sometimes. And don't do a "better" job at the mowing - the cows probably love that nice grass right there!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. The shortest and the funniest story I ever read.
    But it could be all true, they may be really chatting. HAve we not all read "Animal Farm"

  9. LOL! I wonder how many kids know what that expression, "...till the cows come home", means. I think it might be neat to have cows living next door. Could probably do without the smell, though.

    So what's Dave planting? We are thinking about growing some edibles this year. It depends on whether or not we have enough energy to start a veggie patch in the once-flooded out area of our yard. Lots of work.

  10. Tami, these photos are adorable. I love the dog with his buddies the cows:)

  11. This is a cute 6WS post, your six words are wonderful! Are those your cows or do t. hey belong to the neighbor? We had cows on the farm when I was growing up and I agree with you, I never ever once saw or heard one cow laughing.

    Dogs laugh, our Adi laughs (Adi and Harry [2nd])when I do. Often though, she just smiles.

    I am sorry that I am late in returning your 6WS comment. Thank you for coming and peeking in and leaving your comment. 'Things' got the best of me and I missed a lot of them. But please come back the next time I am brave enough to try the Six Word bit. I do return comments even though they might be late once in a while.

    1. Oh yes Tami, mushy peas look and taste a lot like split pea soup, only they are much thicker. Google 'mushy pea recipe' and you will see that they are easy to make.

      A lot of the recipes call for cream but you can substitute mild or skim mild for less calories. Just don't let them get too thin because of the milk.