Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA - Day 5 - Experts

It's the final day of Armchair BEA.  Today's topic is Ask the Experts: Ask your burning questions of your fellow participants or share your own personal tips about blogging. I've been blogging for just over 2 1/2 years and I've developed my own system, so can't say I really have any burning questions.  Not sure I have any tips for a successful blog either, but since when does not having anything helpful to say stop me? 

First, define "successful"  If your definition involves fame, fortune and free stuff - I can't help you. Not that those are bad goals, they're just not mine. I blog to have a place to write, to have someone to talk to - about books and about life - and to make friends.  If I'm accomplishing those things, I consider my blogging a success.  If that's your goal then here are my tips:

1. Be yourself - don't try to sound like anyone but you. If, like me, your normal speech contains sarcasm and obscure references, include them in your blog.

2. Don't check your stats - they'll drive you nuts.

3. Write about what interests you - it will interest someone else, too.

4. Respond to every comment - the only way to make friends and start conversations.

5. Don't worry about posting every day - that will also drive you nuts. And your readers don't mind if you skip a day - less stuff in their reader.

6. Do what makes you happy. Just to pick a totally random example - if you like to create puzzles about books, tv and movies, do it.  If you had fun making them - that's enough. If you like memes - join memes.  If you want to post nothing but reviews of mystery books by female authors with an R in their name - go for it.  It's your blog - be happy!


  1. It's good, sound advice,Tami -- I've been at it several years and I'm still learning.

  2. Stats CAN drive you crazy. It's like owning a scale and weighing yourself every day *shudders in horror*

    Lovely advice! :)

  3. HAHA! I came back after a long hiatus and I saw that everything had changed. The stats thing is WICKED! But I totally should not become obsessed with it :D Lovely advice!


  4. Those are all GREAT suggestions. Do what makes you happy. Totally right. If you aren't doing something you like it will seem like work. Thanks for participating in AC BEA.

  5. Love love love your tips. All the truest true things ever.

  6. Love your advice and such great tips.

  7. Most excellent advice. I actually wish all blogs would post just a few times a week. It would be easier to stay "caught up."

  8. Your tips are spot on and I should post the 'dont check your stats' on a post it on my monitor.

    Was that realllly a random examaple???

    We'll have to chat about this whole bookstore thing sometime because your idea were exactly like mine!

  9. "It's your blog, be happy!" The best advice of the day! :)

  10. I posted something similar in my post today. I completely agree that the blog has to be about you and what you like or we will drive ourselves crazy trying to make it something else!

  11. Third times a charm. I haven't been able to leave a comment. I never check stats and I am always myself.
    Hope your having a nice weekend.

  12. Great advice, although I go through spurts where I do not take the time to respond to comments. Sometimes I have to choose commenting on my own blog or vistingthe person who commented. I don't always have time for both - but I'm trying!