Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary . . .

. . . how does your garden grow?  Very well, thank you!  This is our second year of gardening and much more successful than last summer.  And it's a little silly how excited we are about it.  We walk out to the garden every evening after work to gaze on our hard work (mostly Dave's hard work - but, hey, I drew out the diagram and decided what to plant in each row) and see how much it's grown.  We had some issues with Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter helping themselves.  They ate our entire pea crop, but we didn't care enough to replant.  But when they started on the green beans, something had to give.  After the addition of a 2 ft. fence, the rabbit children are safe from Mr. McGregor, and we're enjoying fresh beans for supper every night.  
We also have tomatoes:
Black Cherry and Cherokee Purple tomatoes

Great White, Roma and Peach tomatoes
and watermelon
and canteloupe

and because Dave grew up in Texas and Oklahoma, we have Okra.  Not only did I never eat okra growing up, I had no clue how okra grew.  So for those of you from non-okra families, this is an okra plant and those little spiky things you can barely see in the center of the leaves will eventually be the okra that you eat.  That is, if you have a clue how to cook okra, which you probably won't if you never ate it growing up.  So we're all in for some fun.  


We also have lettuce, spinach, yellow squash, zuchini and some puny peppers that may or may not ever produce.  How is your garden growing?


  1. Awesome! Looks like you are going to get some great crops! Watermelon, yum!

    Right now, our (veggie) garden doesn't grow at all. We plan on having one next year. We've chosen a spot and have been clearing out the forest and old garden/weed patch that was there. Once it's planted we'll have to contend with Peter (and his siblings) as well as Bambi, so that two-foot tall fence ain't going to cut it. Some of our neighbours have 4-foot tall fences, others have electric fences. We going to wait to see which one performs better before making up our minds.

    We haven't decided exactly what we'll grow, but it won't be okra. I've never seen it growing, but I have eaten it and cooked it. It's ok, but I can't say it's my favourite veggie. It's a bit too slimy for me.


  2. WOW ---green thumb obviously? No garden here other than flowers as we live in a condo.

  3. That is a great size garden!! Nothing tastes better than home grown tomatoes! Enjoy the fruits of your labor down the line :)


  4. There is something immensely satisfying about veggies gardens isn't there? Good for you … and may your crops be bountiful!