Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Me At the Movies: Summer Stock

1950 - As a favor to her actress sister Abigail, New England farmer Jane Falbury allows a group of actors use her barn as a theater for their play. In return, the cast and crew have to help her with the farm chores. During rehearsals, Jane finds herself falling for the show's director, Joe Ross, who also happens to be engaged to the show's leading lady-- Abigail.

Starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

This wasn't the greatest start to my Meet Me at the Movies feature.  With the exception of "Get Happy", the music didn't have any memorable tunes. In fact, some of the songs barely had a tune - memorable or otherwise.  The story was cute - although terribly stereotypical about farm folk as overall-wearing, chewing on a straw with what teeth they have left, hicks.

Still, watching Gene Kelly dance is reward enough for sitting through even the most mediocre movie.  He's handsome and smooth and makes me want to dance.

Part of the fun of watching old movies is finding familiar actors in early roles.  Gloria DeHaven is one of those familiar faces.  She went on to guest on nearly everything on television - from westerns (The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke) to detective shows (Mannix, Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart) to 80's standards (Highway to Heaven, Love Boat, Falcon Crest).  She even played in several soap operas (As the World Turns, Ryan's Hope and All My Children). Do you recognize her?


  1. I don't remember this one but I love Judy Garland and Gene Kelly.

  2. I haven't heard of this movie; it almost seems like it might be a "B" movie as opposed to an "A" one? Gloria DeHaven rings a bell, but I can't plade her in any roles I might have seen her in.