Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Needlework Tuesday: Pinwheels

My crafting time this week was devoted to experimenting with loom knitting.   I tried a variety of yarns and a variety of stitches, then ripped them all out and started again.  The ripping included the scarf that I showed in last week's post.  After I had about a 10" strip to look at, I decided I didn't care for the unconventional yarn I was using - so it will return to the yarn cupboard to become something else another day.  

I spent hours working on a baby blanket made from "super bulky" Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, only to decide that the stitch pattern I was using was too "close knit" for that bulky yarn and the blanket was going to weigh a ton.  So, it also unraveled and returned to the yarn stash.  I'm still planning to make the blanket, but after I find a looser stitch.

My loom currently holds the first few rows of a shawl I'm making for myself from tweed-look yarn, in a basic pattern of knit and purl stitches.  Hopefully there will be something to show on that next week.

Between knitting and un-knitting, I made one quilt block - yes, just one.  The idea has been hanging around the back of my mind for ages and I finally got around to trying the 3-D Pinwheel block.
Pattern from You Can Make This.com
Now that I know this really is as quick and easy as it looks in the instructions, I am looking for a way to use them.  I'm envisioning a red, white and blue summer wall-hanging, or maybe continue the purple and white theme to make a K-State banner.

Do you have a loom knitting stitch that would work well for a baby blanket?  Or an idea for the Pinwheel block?  Leave your thoughts in a comment.  And don't forget to visit our hostess, Heather at Books & Quilts, to see what other stitchers are doing.


  1. Love the quilt block and could you not make a quilt? Then I had a thought - what if you put it in an embroider hoop? It would have to be a large one?? wall hanging?? but I think it would be best to have several together like a quilt or tied blanket or banner. Nice job!!

    1. p.s. Rebecca gave me a huge pinwheel yard decoration and what about some kind of flag to go in the flower box in front of your house?

    2. pps Orrrrr a flag to stick down in your summer arrangement on your front porch?

  2. I have only done basic stitch on the loom. I did make an afghan using two strands of worsted weight, but found it way too stretchy. The dog loved it and would toss it up over his head. We figure that it was open enough for him to see through and breath easily.

    I picture the pinwheels on sticks in a garden with a picket fence and blue sky.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.