Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tangled Thursday: Brrrrrrrrrr.....

Temperatures below freezing, snow flurries, icicles . . . winter seems to be the theme for everything these days - including this week's Zentangle Challenge.  Thoughts of winter brought thoughts of snuggling in a quilt by the fire or layering on clothes to go outside.  I combined the two warm thoughts and tangled a couple mitten quilt blocks that I found on-line.

Sorry, I don't know the names of all of the patterns used.  Some of them I saw in other people's tangles and recreated, and the lower, right mitten in the second picture is a pattern I created myself (although it's entire possible that someone else already thought of it and gave it an official name).

Tangled Thursday is hosted by Heather at Books & Quilts.  Anyone can join in - beginners to experts. There is a new theme each week to interpret however you like.  Visit Heather to see how everyone is tangling winter, and leave a link to your own drawing if you want.


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  2. I really love these and your work with Zentangles...I have started doing them because of you!

  3. mittens are much in demand this season. We have been using out Canada Olympic mitts which have a thick fleece lining. Your look great. Thanks for joining in for Tangled Thursday. (I added your link since I was slow this morning getting my post up.)

  4. Nice work, Tami. Your shading is looking good. Love all of the different patterns you used. Very winter-y.