Tuesday, March 11, 2014

That's Progress . . .

No flashy, finished work to show off -- No big "ta-da" moments -- but there was definitely progress on a couple big projects this week.  First, one-hundred assembled mini-quilts, fifty of them with the turning-opening slip-stitched shut, fifty more to go.

If you've forgotten, this is my small contribution to the 2500 mini-quilts a friend needs for a national church conference coming up in May.

After a year of collecting scraps until I had 400 different fabrics, I have actually begun piecing my "book quilt".  250 2.5" strips sewn to as many beige "background" strips (the area above the books).  

The heap on the right is chain-pieced strips waiting to be cut apart and pressed.  In the center are the pressed strips, waiting to be cut to length, and in the background are a few 12.5" strips waiting to be assembled.  The remainder of the "books" are next to the sewing machine.  I can't wait to start assembling but I don't have a 12" quilting ruler.  I know, the real quilters among you are cringing, but when I started quilting, I didn't want to invest a lot of money until I knew I would like it, so I started with a small cutting mat and a 10" square ruler.  They have worked fine for the small projects I've done up to now.  But cutting 12" strips with a 10" ruler is a recipe for disaster, so I ordered a longer one that will be here in a few days, then I can kick this project into high gear.

Did you make progress on sewing or crafting projects this week?  Visit Heather @ Books & Quilts to leave a link to your post and see what everyone else is doing.


  1. Great job Tami. Both projects are doing so well. Very generous of you to make all those mini quilts. I have a small collection of rulers and found recently that I need a new one. I did a class and I borrowed from my mom the very first ruler that she purchases, 4 x 14 inches. It was so helpful, now I need to get one for myself.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  2. The prayer quilts look adorable especially like them with the box that you have them displayed in - What a job that has been! I can't even imagine the book quilt! Can't wait to watch your progress with it.