Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tangled Thursday: Weaving

Since it was my turn to create this week's challenge, I used two of my favorite patterns - W2 and Huggins - which resemble weaving.  The challenge was to create a drawing containing weaving in any form you wanted.

My first try is a copy of a tangle I saw on line - so no points for creativity, but it sure was fun.
"Huggins" filled with "Paradox"
My second creation is a more traditional tile using Huggins, W2, Basketweave, Tri-Linz and a couple more whose names I don't know.
If you want to see what everyone is drawing or link up your own creations, visit our hostess, Heather @ Books & Quilts.


  1. The paradox drawing turned out very nicely. I like drawing that one, very repetitive and so relaxing. In the seond tile, the tangle in the upper left makes me think of parquet flooring. The was a fun theme. Thanks.

    Thanks for linking up with Tangled Thursday.

  2. Nice work, Tami. I, too, like the Paradox one. I love that pattern. Your second tile is also wonderful. Thanks so much for this challenge. I love the "weaving" patterns. I only wish I had more time to draw this week.

  3. Sorry I didn't get in on this one and I struggled the last time I tried it - - - I might not have what it takes - but we will see - - - I need to spend some time at your house!