Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Needlework Tuesday: What Goes Up . . .

... must come down.  Or, more appropriately, "What gets knitted, gets unknitted."  I spent a large part of my weekend undoing progress.  I've been learning to loom knit - and loving it!  I spent the week working on two projects.  The first is a shawl for myself, made from a tweed-look chunky yarn.  The finished shawl will require four panels and I have one completed and waiting to be blocked.  Hopefully there will be pictures next week.

The second project is a baby blanket for my great-nephew, who is due to arrive in July.  I'm using Bernat "Baby Blanket" bulky yarn.  The pattern requires two 15 x 36 panels (the multi-color) and one 4 x 36 stripe (solid blue) down the center.  I began the project with a regular knit/purl stitch, but this heavy yarn needed something looser.  After a lot of experiments and unraveling, I finally settled on the Figure 8 stitch, which is tight enough for warmth, but loose enough to wrap easily.  

If you haven't used Baby Blanket yarn, at least touch it the next time you're in your favorite yarn shop.  It is so soft and snuggly!  I may need a blanket of my own. :)

I also made progress on my book quilt - 2 "shelves" completed, 6 to go.  I ordered the brown fabric for the sashing and backing - a coordinate of the beige I'm using for the negative space above the books.  It arrived this week, and I also spoke with the lady who will be quilting it on her long-arm machine.  Everything is going well and I'm excited to complete my very first full-size quilt.  Hopefully there will be photographable progress by next Tuesday.

Thanks to Heather for hosting Needlework Tuesday.  Visit Heather at Books & Quilts and see what everyone's stitching up.


  1. Hi!
    Sounds like you've very busy. I'm not a knitter but your work is beautiful. Love that green variegated yarn. Have a great day!!

    Food for Thought

  2. HI Tami, those two colours look lovely together. I have some in pale pink, four huge balls that I bought direct at their outlet in Listowel, Ontario. Horrible place, they have these amazing sales twice a year, and when you enter they give you a giant green garbage bag to put in the yarn you want to buy, and then they have a special, buy 3 get one free. arg. It's horrible, I have to buy and buy. I will keep in mind your comments on the yarn when I start daughter's project. Something for her dorm room in September.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  3. Your loom knitting is awesome, Tami. I love both yarns. I started a project on my rectangle loom, but I wasn't happy with it so I ripped it out. I had planned to restart it, but I lost interest. Maybe one day....

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  4. I'd take a baby blanket - for me - looks very soft and comfy! Very nice projects and can't wait to see the book shelf quilt!

  5. You are multi-talented! Lovely.