Saturday, April 26, 2014

Your Name In Lights . . .

Well, not quite.  But, Felicia at The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog is putting our name in book titles.  Her challenge is to spell your first name using the first letter of book titles.  For once, I'm glad to have a short name.

Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline
Ancient Puzzles
Murder for Christmas by Agatha Christie
Inferno by Dan Brown

Dave thought it was such a fun idea, he would put his own name up in book titles, even though he's not participating in the readathon.  He even used David instead of Dave, just for a little more challenge.

Drinking with George by George Wendt
Alice Cooper, Golf Monster by Alice Cooper
Vietnam War Paintings  (all painted by Jim Nelson, a friend of Dave's)
Illusion by Frank Peretti
Don't Hurt People by Matt Kibbe


  1. Aw this looks like fun - but I was catching up on The Voice with hubs - - - I'll focus on reading and challenges the res of the night - or as long as I can! Good job!

  2. This challenge looked fun but I couldn't find any books in my collection that start with K. I'm happy you're having fun!
    Keep reading!


  3. The mini-challenges have been fun today, right? Hope you're still awake and reading :)

  4. Awesome challenge entry! Looks like you've been having a great Readathon - and hopefully it's not over yet!