Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Needlework Tuesday

Dave and I traveled to visit out son over Easter weekend.  While we were there, things took an unexpected turn and Son chose to call off his engagement and upcoming wedding. Naturally, it was an emotional time and there were lots of details to be tended to.  With Son busy finishing his schooling (graduation is in 2 weeks) I volunteered to stay with him a few extra days to help out and give emotional support.

The up side to my unexpected week away was that I had plenty of time to knit.  If you got back to April 15 - the last time I participated in Needlework Tuesday - you'll see that I was making a shawl from some beautiful aqua yarn, and that I had used up all I had and was waiting to get to the store for more.  No such luck!  The brand - Yarn Bee - is evidently out of business and, while they still had a large stock of some colors, there was no "robin's egg" to be found.  I couldn't even find it on line.  So - plan B.

I decided on a lovely red shade and bought 6 skeins this time.  The two skeins of aqua got "un-knitted" and saved for another project - except for the bit I used to add stripes to my shawl.  I love the red and aqua combination.  

This was knitted using the Figure 8 Stitch on my largest round loom, and a #6 (chunky) yarn.  It is so soft and snuggly - I can't wait for an evening to wrap up in it by the fire pit.
Needlework Tuesday is hosted by Heather @ Books & Quilts.


  1. If this comes up missing . . . I love those colors together - and yes by the colors in your blog theme - I knew you did too!!! It looks so soft and comfy - - - Great job.

  2. Hmmmmm, I don't know what a "round loom" is-but the shawl looks more like crochet than knitting! We don't need fire pits in Phx, but the shawl is lovely.

  3. Sorry to hear about your son's change in plans, but it was great that you were able to stay with him to help ease the pain.

    your shawl looks lovely and I'm sure it will be warm and comforting. And if your sister does happen to borrow it, well, at least you know she appreciates your work.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.