Monday, April 7, 2014

Where Have All The Blog Posts Gone?

... long time passing"   Sorry if you now have Peter, Paul and Mary stuck in your head, but I thought you might be wondering where I've been lately.  The answer is "nowhere".  Even after ten months, this full time work is still wearing me out.    After looking at a computer screen all day, blogging doesn't seem appealing in the evenings.  So here's a few snapshots of how we've been entertaining ourselves.

After being  home with the flu for three days, my Nutrisystem order arrived, complete with dry ice.  I couldn't resist doing my Bill Nye, Science Guy, impression.

Dry ice in a sink with hot water running over it is a homemade fog machine.  The dishes in the right-hand side of teh sink aren't in the water - they WERE drying in the drainer until the mysterious fog overtook them.  (Just ignore the dirty dishes on the left side.  They didn't enter into my science experment.)

According to my son, the science nerd, dry ice "sublimates" - which means it goes from a solid state directly to a gas - do not pass liquid, do not collect $200.  That process makes your sink boil, even though it's not even close to hot.

Balloons are another fun way to entertain yourself.  Dave and I (mostly Dave) blew up balloons, inserted rolled up $1 and $5 bills . . . 

filled a box and shipped it to our grandsons in New Mexico.

A co-worker thought we had lost our minds - 'You're shipping air?"  Dave's response was, "No, we're shipping fun!"  The boys thought it was a lot more fun than receiving a card with money inside.  We questioned if the balloons would still be inflated after exposure to cold air and a dramatic change in elevation - but they arrived in tact.

Now - aren't you glad I haven't been posting?  :)


  1. That dry ice in the sink is so cool! Love your idea with the balloons, what a great gift. Hope your feeling better.

  2. I just have to try that balloon idea! Way cool! I am surprised they arrived intact. I guess if they are not overinflated they have room to expand. Glad to see your posts again. They are always a potpourri of enjoyment for me.