Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Needlework Tuesday

The next step in my plan to update my living room is recovering Dave's recliner.  I started out to purchase a new one, but after multiple stores, styles and colors I realized that the best compromise between our widely varied tastes was the La-Z-Boy chair we already have.  And why buy a new one when this one is structurally and functionally sound.   So I spent hours one afternoon at the upholstery shop looking at at least 50 books of potential chair coverings.  The options are overwhelming.  Fortunately, a designer friend helped me understand not only color, but pattern, texture, durability and "hand" - how the fabric feels to touch - and I was finally able to make a decision. 

Totally by coincidence, the upholstery shop I chose shares their building with a quilt shop.  (I'm trying to look surprised.)  So of course I browsed through the rows.  Lots of beautiful fabric and lots of beautiful projects on display . . . and one thing I have never seen before.  A large basket held "Scrap Bags".  Each bag was filled to bulging with the leftovers from the beautiful projects the store staff made for display.  These were not remnants, which are normally yardage.  These were the sections left from yardage when blocks or patterns are cut.  The fabrics were packaged according to color/coordinates or theme.  Of course, you can see the outermost fabrics to have a glimpse at what you're getting, but the complete variety and size of pieces remains a mystery until you get home.  For $8, I decided to give it a try.  I'm very happy with what I got:

Most pieces are strips - width of fabric by anywhere from 4' to 15"

These are obviously cut from some sort of panel or border fabric.  They may be more challenging to incorporate, but fun.

My bag also included some random pieces in related colors.  The largest piece I received was 2 strips, each 3 yards x 15".  The smallest were 4" squares.  I'm not sure how I'll use this scrap bag, but I'm sure they'll show up in future projects.

Also part of my living room re-do, the decorator/friend suggested some large, bright floor pillows to counter my tendency for solid color furniture, and because Dave lays on the floor to watch TV.  I found these patterns at the same store:

I'm participating in a reading challenge this week, but maybe I can actually slip in some sewing time.

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