Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Acres, We Are There!

We have arrived at Green Acres!  All the boxes on the main floor are unpacked (thanks to my wonderful mom and her endless energy).  There are still some stacked in the basement and garage, but not crucial items for daily life.  From our new country home, it is four miles to Dave's job (via gravel road) and twelve miles to "town" - the closest town of size for grocery store, library, etc.

We have a chicken coop, an equipment shed and several other out-buildings of debatable use.  (Granddad is going to make one into a playhouse for the grandsons when they visit.)  There are two "wind rows" - rows of trees planted to shelter the house from wind - so a lifetime supply of pine cones and dead branches to burn in the chiminea.  A small pond, complete with fish of an unknown variety, is just a few hundred yards from the house.  So far we have spotted raccoons and skunks, but I'm hoping for some prettier wildlife.  Lilacs and iris - two of my fav flowers are already established in the yard, along with many other green sprouts that I don't recognize.  We'll see what blooms.  And best of all, no noise.  When I take my coffee out to the porch in the morning, there are no sounds but the birds.  

Life is now a string of new experiences.  New house where my children visit rather than live.  No job - temporarily, hopefully.  And no trash pick-up.  There are no dumpsters in the country.  No men in clanging trucks to collect all the refuse of life.  I now have a "burn barrel" which is exactly what it sounds like - a barrel into which I place our trash and light it on fire.  I now wear leather work gloves to take out the trash!  Darling, I love you but give me a manicure! 

The trick to trash burning, I discovered, is to keep the flames low, adding small amounts of trash at a time and placing a metal grate over the top of the barrel to stop burning debris from scattering across Green Acres and setting a building on fire.   And just FYI - burning the previous occupant's yucky plastic shower curtain emits a cloud of black, and probably toxic, smoke.

Although I'm coping with all the newness fairly well, there are moments that I need a hit of "familiar".  That's where books come in.  When it all seems overwhelming, a book, a glass of Diet Coke (or wine or coffee, depending on the time of day) and my favorite corner of the couch make this spot feel like home.  


  1. Glad to hear you are settling in so well in your new home. The place sounds lovely. It should be fun discovering what all the little green shoots are. It's so true - our familiar books make every place we go feel like home. Don't forget that your online neighbors are still around if you feel like a chat.

  2. Yay..that must make you feel so much better, even though it will be a while until you are really settled....LOL

  3. I didn't know you have a blog. Now I'll never get anything done - I have to catch up! I read Pioneer Woman and All & Sundry and my friend Tricia's blog - and now I'm excited to add yours! You are such a good writer. You always make me laugh, sometimes with a tear in my eye. I look forward to visiting Green Acres!

  4. You sound sort of like me when we moved from the city to a rural area 2 years ago. We are a little different as we have garbage pickup and access to the municipality dump. We have burn barrels, but we've been using them for excess yard waste that would take too long to compost.

    Nice to see that you are adjusting. It's fun, eh? I look forward to reading more about your country living. ;)

  5. How exciting to get to wait and see what plants sprout up! I do that every year because I don't know anything about plants and forget where they are planted or what was where ;0)

    I love lilacs too. I see you spending lots of time outside - hopefully less toxic burning though.