Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars Best/Worst - According to Me

Watching the Oscars is a solitary experience at our house.  I love the red-carpet photos and interviews, the movie montages, the "in memorium" sequence, and the reaction shots when the winner is announced.  And the embarrassing, bumbling, long-list-of-names acceptance speeches gave me time to hit "mute" and read a book.  Dave's contribution was to sit at the computer in the next room and occasionally shout out "Never heard of him/her/it." 

But the best part is the armchair-designer, next-morning rehash of the clothes.  I find it totally unfair that men can put on a basic black tux and be labeled "classic", or don a blue plaid shirt and skinny pants, matched with a blue tux coat (a la Russell Brand) and be  considered "fashion forward".  Even Jeff Bridges' scruffy hair and beard didn't merit a single negative comment (at least that I saw). 

Women, on the other hand, are examined to the last detail.  The biggest lesson learned from this year's best/worst dressed list, which peppered the internet and blogosphere within minutes of the final credits, is that I obviously don't know jack about fashion. 

But since it's my blog, here's my opinion on the 2011 Oscars:
  • Jennifer Hudson's new figure was stunning, but I don't need to see that much of any woman's boobs. 
  • Halle Berry would look gorgeous in a gunny sack.
  • Helen Mirren is walking elegance.
  • Even famous people age, gain wait and lose hair.  I feel much better now.
  • Kudos to very pregnant Natalie Portman for choosing a beautiful, yet tasteful, non-baby-bump-hugging gown.
  • Wings over your hips are not good, even if your hips look like Nicole Kidman's.
  • Bustiers and tattoos are not appropriate at the Oscars - or anywhere else outside a strip club.
  • After 40, less is more! 
  • Sometimes the best dressed women are not the stars.  Jeff Bridges wife, Susan Geston, was lovely.
My pick in the What-Was-She-Thinking? department goes to Kate Blanchett.  I know the dress is Givenchy and I know it got lots of rave reviews, which further proves my lack of fashion knowledge.  But personally, I think the square cap sleeves look like she's preparing for a jousting match, and the smattering of neon yellow beads on an otherwise pale lavender dress look like a kindergarten art project - but that's just me.

Elizabethan fencing doublet


 On the flip side, three ladies received my vote for Best Dressed:
Reese Witherspoon wore the female version of the basic black tux.  Understated, classic, gorgeous!  And I love the simple ponytail up-do.

Sandra Bullock = poise and glamour.  Sexy without being too revealing.  One of the few women who can pull off bright red lipstick.  She is my idol!

And Hailee Steinfeld - how adorable is this??  Age appropriate, yet elegant and stylish.  She looked like a princess and carried herself with confidence. 

Favorite Oscar Moment:  Kirk Douglas presenting the Best Supporting Actress award.  Although it was a bit sad to see his declining condition, he can still only be described as a Legend. 

Well, that's my Oscar Wrap-up - and I'm sure the Hollywood glitterati are on pins and needles waiting to hear what a middle-aged Kansas librarian thinks.  What was your favorite part of the Oscars?


  1. Hailee Steinfeld was robbed! She should have taken home that Best Supporting Actress Oscar. I hate it that True Grit and Winter's Bone were shut out completely.

  2. I'm also a never-miss-it Oscar viewer. (Time wise it's much better to watch on the west coast.) It's fun to see everyone dressed up and what sorts of things people say when they don't have a written script. And, I like the clothes too. I agree with you on the Kate Blanchett thing. I suppose it's called a dress but it looked like a model for a skyscraper. I was also disappointed that True Grit didn't win a thing. I loved that movie but I also love The King's Speech so I was glad they won a few awards.