Saturday, October 22, 2011

Re-Reading Mini Challenge

In the days when we didn't have a local library, I did a lot of rereading  Now that I have easier access to books, it doesn't happen as often.  However, there are a few old friends that I still continue to visit:
Beautifully written love story.
 There are certain passages I re-read within each re-read.
At 1400 pages, it doesn't get re-read very often, but once you
 start reading, you just fall in and don't want to come out.
This series is my "go-to", easy grabs when I just need comfort, old friends and an always
 well written story.  Some of the later volumes suffered with Ms. Braun's advancing age (she passed away in June at the age of 97),  but the early entries are fun and familiar.

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